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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is (

We are an online reseller of genuine software products made by manufacturers such as Microsoft, Quick Heal, McAfee, and many premium games, for additional information, see our About Page.

Is Ordering Online from Safe?

  • Yes, our checkout pages are 256-bit SSL encrypted, the industry standard for secure online ordering. Always make sure to look for the green URL bar and the lock or key icon on your browser when you are checking out (location and format differ depending on what browser you are using). This indicates you are viewing a secure, encrypted page.

What Is the Difference Between OEM And Retail Box Packaging?

  • The retail version of the software is a full version of the software which will include the installation disc(s), Certificate of Authenticity (if the manufacturer provides), and product keycode/serial number (if necessary).
  • The OEM software does not come in a retail box, doesn’t include printed manuals, cannot be transferred (even if the original computer breaks), and is not eligible for free technical support from the manufacturer. Help files are normally included on the disc.
  • The OEM software is only available in “full version” editions, meaning there are no OEM upgrade products.
  • All the OEM software can be upgraded to future versions of the software by purchasing a compatible upgrade product.

The Retail Version:

  • The retail version of Windows is the full version and the standard “consumer” version.
  • Anytime you walk into an electronics store and see the boxed sets of Windows, you’re looking at the retail version. It’s designed for people who want to upgrade their computer or buy a new license.
  • The license can be installed on any computer, and it comes with full support from Microsoft.

The OEM Version:

  • The OEM version of Windows is a system builder and primarily used by large computer manufacturers (Like Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, MSI, Samsung, HCL, Wipro, Etc.) as well as local computer shops.
  • Computer enthusiasts can use them on their workstation PCs, though Microsoft has gone back and forth as to whether or not this is allowed. The OEM version is tied to a single PC forever, and it doesn’t come with support from Microsoft.

What’s the Difference Between Windows 10 Home Vs Pro Editions?

How Are You Able to Sell Your Software at Such Low Prices?

  • We are not under contract with or “authorized” to sell on behalf of any particular software manufacturer. As a result, we are able to sell our products significantly below MSRP. We purchase at lower prices from reputable sources in the wholesale market and pass those savings on to you!
  • Also, software after making not required again and again investment, so some software come after 1st generation sells next sell go for the low price.

Is There A Need to Register on The Manufacturer’s Website?

  • As we sell OEM programs, we have already registered, our software and so there is no need for you to do this again, also all the software’s come with different registration requirement process so after order we provide the details in the product delivery email.

When Will I Get the Purchased Software?

  • Our products are delivered by Digitally or Shipping both services available, but the shipping service not available for all product’s also its only work in extra request with Live Chat support team.
  • Under the Digital products lineup after our purchase, you will be received a product key code/product activation code also a download link (If Needed or Request), by email or your shipping address, so makes sure you have entered correct and working email address, with a valid shipping address otherwise if you put wrong information’s then the products don’t deliver timely.

What Payment Types Are Accepted by Your Website?

Currently, we accept all type of payment methods, like –

  • Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking, UPI, and Multiple Wallets.

I Cannot Find Any Info About Recent Order?

  • After a successful order placement with payment, you will receive a successful order placed email at your order placed email address also other order related details.
  • Attention! Some people have trouble receiving our emails because automated messages often end up in Spam folders or are blocked by ISP’s.
  • In that case, please try to check the SPAM, BULK folders, etc. in your email-box, otherwise, you contact our Supporting Team by email – [email protected] or get our Live Chat Support help.

Are There Full Versions of Software on Your Website?

  • Yes, we sell only full versions of software!

Do You Ship Your Software on Disks or Device?

  • Yes, some of the topline products we shipping with the shipping cost, but be sure the shipping only works in your request, regarding required the product by shipping in a Disc or Portable Drive, otherwise all digital or downloadable products are after your successful payment, deliver by email/message.
  • The product download links provide, depends on your request, if needed contact our Live Chat Support team after 12:00 PM and before 10:00 PM.

What Currency Is on Your Website?

  • Now Indian Rupee (In future we update may currencies)

Are There Any Additional Charges for Software?

  • TAX and Shipping Charges (T&C Apply)

Will I Be Able to Download Purchased Software in The Future Again (In Case of Pc Crash)?

  1. Yes, you will be able to download your software again, just contact our Live Chat Support team and ask them to reactivate your links. (T&C Apply)

Which Hardware Requirements Is Needed to Get Your Software Installed?

  • You’re able to find Hardware Requirements in the description which comes with each product in our store.

On How Many Computers Can I Install Purchased Software?

  • You’re able to find in the description which comes with each product in our store also touch regarding the question our Live Chat Support Team with the product name.

How to Determine What Type (32_Bit Or 64_Bit) Of Software Will Work on My Computer?

Following these steps on a Windows operating system, you can determine whether your computer is 32_Bit or 64_Bit –

  • Open the System Information
  • Open the Start menu, and click on Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information
  • Look in the System Summary
  • The System Information tool will display detailed information about your Windows operating system.
  • Once opened it will show the system summary an It’s an overview of your computer and operating system.
  • Look for the System Type Item
  • On the right-hand side of the window, you will see a list of items. Look for the item called “System Type”.
  • The value of this item will tell you whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit:
  • x86-based PC: It’s a 32-bit computer.
  • x64-based PC: It’s a 64-bit computer.

Now you know what system you have and can make the correct choice.

Are Your Products Used?

  • Absolutely not, we do not sell used products of any kind, all of our products are guaranteed to be new – never been used or activated.
  • Due to the nature of the wholesale marketplace, some packaging may look different than what you’d see at a retail store, However, we absolutely stand by our 100% guarantee that all software has never been used.

Can I Get A Discount If I’m Going to Buy More Than One Copy of Product?

Ya” Sure, please just contact our Live Chat Support Team or by email – [email protected]

Will I Be Able to Get Technical Support?

  • We will help you to download, install and activate the purchased program, but we cannot teach you how to use the purchased product, also the buyer must be basic knowledge about PC/Laptop and computer software’s then we go for support.

Is There Any Membership Fees on Your Website?

  • No, you don’t need to pay any membership fees.

Does Your Software Come with The Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?

  • OEM version doesn’t come with the COA. But you will be able to activate your software and get updates from the manufacturer (some software products cannot be updated at all, ask our Live Chat Support team about these exceptions in official hours).

What If I Would Like to Buy Software Which You Don’t Have in Your Store?

  • In case you’re not able to find a program in our catalog, please, contact our Live Chat Support team also email – [email protected], We will try to prepare the new release for you.

Shopping Cart Is Not Working When I’m Trying to Add A Product to My Cart Nothing Is Happening. What Am I Doing Wrong?

Please go to browser settings and make sure “cookies” are enabled. If this will not help, please, contact our Live Chat Support Team, and also email available by email at [email protected].



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